Building a better tomorrow by securing today

Defense International Corp is a multi-faceted organization that accommodates protective services to suit commercial, residential, celebrity, & executive needs. Our brand upholds premier customer values with over ten years of extensive experience in military and private defense, we have developed a distinct formula of protective assistance towards“ Building a better tomorrow by securing today “which drives us to achieve results and take great efforts to excel in all areas of management and team development.

As a United States based organization we value the discipline, and hard work of our US troops and support them by offering assistance in career positions & job opportunities. Defense also recognizes the importance of global philanthropy and local charity involvement. We use diverse methods for contributions whether thru hands on team efforts or financial relief being aware that serving , teaching ,and listening to the needs of our communities is not only a part of our mission statement but its one of the key components to a strong formula for success as a country Here at Team Defense we conduct thorough & referenced background checks through the use of state certified private investigators & fingerprint screening. Progress evaluations are done to ensure proficiency requirements are met on a consistent basis. In our pursuit to brand and create a culture of defense lifestyle we focus on a wide demographic of spectrums from entertainment to household safety and surveillance methods . It is our objective to provide 24hr service above expectations to ensure results for customer & client needs.

At the defense organization we share a unique cultural framework towards innovation and creativity. In the age of information we continuously work to create advanced technology to separate ourselves from competitors while providing incentives for our clientele taking great efforts to secure privacy and offset any threats to safety. Defense International Corporation will become a reliable asset to all of our customers now and for years to come .

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    Also executive and celebrity body guard services

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